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Use Option 2 (Tech Support) Option 6 (Locksmith) then Option 1 (Dmax)

Dmax Skim Code Reader Complete Kit

ACI Interface Device, Serial to OBDII Cable, Serial to USB Cable, Skim Chip Adapter, Skim Popper, Carrying Case,
Software, Activation Code, 1 Year Updates, Lifetime Tech Support. This is the most comprehensive tool for pulling skim codes from Chrysler products.
$1295.00 + Shipping

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NEW! Dmax GoKlip By,

Replace your stock connector and make your life easier with the GoKlip. Now, with the GoKlip, you can push down on the chip instead of squeezing around it, and the sharpened, gold pins on the tool pierce right through the varnish for an easy, solid connection.
$130.00+ Shipping

Dmax Skim Popper

Use this tool to easily get to the epromm on Type 1 modules. Plug it in and then use the round end to burn a hole.
$45.00 + Shipping

Dmax Main DLC Cable

Replacement cable for the Dmax. This is the main OBD2 DLC Cable

$75.00 + Shipping

Dmax Empty Case

This is a replacement case for the DMAX Tool. This case is Waterproof, Dustproof, and with the foam lining that helps with drops.
$60.00 + Shipping

eeprom Clip and Cable

Replacement clip for the dmax skim code reader tool. used for clipping on type 1 and pacifica modules.
40.00 + Shipping

Dmax Skim Hole Cover

These are used to cover that hole you burin in to type 1 and pacifica modules to pull the pin.
Minimum order of 10 Sheets.)
$10.00 + Shipping

Software DEMO

Demo of the Dmax Software, You will be able to see the basic functions of the tool

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