Skim Code Reader

  • Read Skim Codes from Type 1, Type 2, Pacifica, SKREEM and all CAN Vehicles.
  • Some 2013 & 2014 vehicles are not supported yet.
  • One Year of Updates and Lifetime Tech Support from the ACI Staff.
  • Read and Clear Codes from supported skim modules.
  • Key Programming Capability for Can and Non Can
  • Used Skim Module Replacement Utility

Skim Popper

  • Gain perfect access to the Skim Chip in a fast, clean and easy manner.
  • After removing the Skim Module it takes seconds to gain access and read the Skim Chip.
  • Cover hole with one of the 20 Black Dot Plugs provided.

No Other Tool in the Market Can Do This!

Alongside the ability to read Chrysler Skim Codes the ACI has an expandable software engine.

Software DEMO

Demo of the Dmax Software, You will be able to see the basic functions of the tool

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